Dinner for breakfast

IMG_1191.JPGSo I’ve been getting vegetables from my friendly local urban farmer, whom we call Farmer Ben. Lately they’ve been beautiful tiny clutches of lettuces and radishes, baby kale and braising greens, bok choy and Hakurei turnips. I can’t say I’ve eaten many radishes in my life – really, mostly with tacos I’ve gotten from taco trucks – so the last few batches wilted and got composted, sadly enough. In my book, that’s one of the biggest travesties – food waste.

The turnips, on the other hand, were celebrated with operatic drama, especially after they were roasted and lightly buttered. The more I thought about it, the more I determined that radishes are basically like turnips. This time around, I decided to have the radishes join the turnips in the oven. After I sautéed the little guys on the stove top to brown, they went straight into a hot oven and roasted till they were soft and fragrant. They then returned to the stovetop to cook with their greens in the still-sizzling skillet, then tossed with some lemon tahini dressing I had made the other day.

As I cooked the bulbs and greens, I prepared some calamari tentacles I had left over from another cooking experiment I had done the day before. These I prepared essentially the same way I had the turnips and radishes: stovetop to brown, into the oven to puff (with some harissa), then back out – this time, straight onto my breakfast plate.

So I found myself eating the turnips and radishes with their greens, some lovely roasted calamari, and a slice of toast with apricot jam, for breakfast. Along with a very short, very strong, very tasty cup of espresso. Almost felt like Spain.

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