My 3-minute core plan

Got 3 minutes a day and need a little motivation to keep your trunk stable?

Here’s my 40-day challenge, to end on my birthday:

Daily, I plan to:

  1. Do 20 pushups.
  2. Do 1 minute of high plank.
  3. Do my pilates 100.
  4. Eat a dinner of vegetables (at least 95% of it, visually).
  5. Eat nothing after dinner.

I know my current fitness state: dismal, significantly worse fitness than I was at a year or two ago. Even though I’ve weighed myself and measured my waistline on Day 1, and plan to check them again on Day 40, my real test will be how I feel, both in my core, and in my hiking/running fitness.

For each item I can accomplish each day, I earn a hypothetical dollar. By the end of the 40 days, I SHALL have $200 to spend on a GPS watch (thanks, Sis, for the brilliant suggestion!).

Ask me how I’m doing on it when you see me. Keep me accountable. Join me if you’d like. We can celebrate on my birthday with a nice run through Shevlin Park with our new GPS watches.



Well, I’m at Day 40 today. Looking at my record, I’ve managed to do the 3 exercises every single day, even adding and modifying to a few of them to keep things lively. I started out doing fairly wide-armed pushups, and I had been having shoulder issues which magically resolved as I did my consistent pushups. Then I started narrowing my arms in to work my biceps more. It’s challenging. I’m planning on continuing with these.

The Pilates 100 was great. I added a few more Pilates moves during the last couple weeks, especially twisting movements, to mix things up a little. And high plank was invaluable as well – also adding in some side twists and single-leg planks towards the last couple weeks. My weight and waist line went down, energy went up, and self-loathing went way down. So all in all, a worthwhile endeavor. I’m not sure it’s helping with my running fitness though. I think I still need to be running a lot more than I’m currently doing. Read my latest post for more thoughts.

Conclusion: These 3 little exercises, which I did either together or as 3 separate tasks during the day, took hardly any time at all and are SO worth it. 3 minutes was all it took, but on a CONSISTENT basis, which I think is the key.



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