The power of being a mentor

There’s nothing like being around kids or animals to keep me in line.

When I’m tensed up or stressed, my dog tenses up and avoids me, watching with an alert expression from a safe distance.

When I’m frustrated or annoyed, my kids automatically become all the needier and whinier.

They’re constant reminders for me to be aware of my emotions. Why am I feeling so annoyed? Best to address the source head-on than allow it to affect my thoughts and actions toward all the little ones I take care of all day long.

Once I was humming a song very much under my breath – literally just inhaling and exhaling the song – when my little one, standing about 5 feet away, suddenly turned to me with a huge grin and said “You’re singing a song!” Took me aback as I realized how attuned to my every action and move she was.

But also reminded me that even when you don’t think they are, all your little charges are tuning in to your actions and emotions.

So tune in to yourself. It’s okay to feel things, but be mindful what you do about them.

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