Easiest dinner ever

Here’s one of my family’s favorites. It takes about 5 minutes to make, as long as you have the ingredients in your kitchen and some cooked rice in the freezer.

Speaking of which, I’ve been learning to use pockets of time wherever I can. The reason I use the word “wherever” rather than “whenever” is that I have to look for them, like I’m looking for a lost glove or hat (which I have been doing these past few days). They don’t usually just happen. They quickly slip past if I’m not mindful of an opportunity. They don’t jut out, so they really are “pockets”: I need to feel for them.

So when I have a pocket of time – say, an hour – when I’ll just be puttering around the house – maybe reading the little one a book every so often, or being referee to some sibling  conflict – I’ll throw a batch of brown rice or black rice or quinoa on to cook. Once it’s done, I’ll spread it on a baking sheet or two to let it cool quickly, then distribute equal portions into Ziploc freezer bags.

So on a harried evening, when the 4-year-old is decidedly whiney, and the 10-year old is STARVING, and there isn’t even time to get a frozen pizza baked, I make this dinner. Actually, sometimes we crave it. It’s one of our comfort food dinners.

You’ll need:

Cooked edamame (I throw a bag of frozen pods into the microwave then remove them from the shell into a bowl)

Cooked rice (a bag from the freezer that you prepared during some pocket of time)

Canned salmon (better quality is better)

Furikake or Gomasio (We use any flavor Mishima brand, or Eden Foods Seaweed Gomasio)

Mix it all together and serve.

It’s got protein, Omegas, a veggie, healthful fats, fiber, and it’s filling. The sprinkles provide the umami. By the way, those sprinkles are the bomb – I can literally serve Japanese-style white rice with sprinkles on top for dinner, and my kids will devour it before I can even get anything else on the table. So if you want your family to eat a balanced meal, make sure you don’t bring out plain rice with sprinkles. It’ll be all they eat.

Very kid-friendly, easy to eat, and any leftovers reheat well for lunch.



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