List of Five

Welcome. After nearly three weeks of staying home with the kids, these next 3 hours feel like the greatest gift I’ve been given all winter: peace and solitude. Returning home from dropping off my little one, being greeted by my dog, and having the whole house occupied by just me and the animals, no talking, no noise other than the click-click-click of my fingers on the keyboard and the rhythmic clinking of dishes in the dishwasher. Hot mug of broth in hand.

Since it’s only a few days into the new year, I’m going to start off by listing my top 5 new year’s resolutions (hubby says I should really only have one, but that’s never been the case for me), followed by my List of Five, which will be a Tuesday regular.

  1. Do some movement every day. Could be yoga, could be running, could be tai chi, or snowshoeing, but at the very least, I hope to turn on some Kidz Bop after the kids get home and dance around the living room.
  2. Relearn 2 pieces on the piano. Remember when you were a kid, and you were in piano/swimming/soccer/gymnastics/karate/dance/violin, or fill in the blank – like, you were actually expected to learn some peripheral skill, which maybe turned into a hobby or even a profession? Well mine was piano, and I had a piano teacher who was gangbusters good. And now I can’t play even one piece from start to finish. So this will be the year that I claim it all back – okay, at least 2 pieces from my repertoire from 30 years ago. So I can at least play something for myself or for an audience.
  3. Spiritual growth. Last year was big for me in that department. Moving to Bend was a first step. Reading, talking to people, practicing at home, those were big too. But this year, I’d like to carry it further, adding some external exposure to my inner growth. This may mean going to church (!!) – not something I ever did growing up, but something I’d like to explore.
  4. Start journaling for my kids. These are notes specifically for each of them. To gift at college graduation, or high school graduation. Either sounds really far off in the distance. But they do so many amazing things every day, and I think so many thoughts and want to be able to tell them how I feel, and have them cherish these at some point after they leave home. So now is better than never.
  5. Observe more about the natural world. Bend is all about the outdoors. Who doesn’t love taking a walk in nature? I went to a yin yoga class a couple months ago, and the instructor went around the room to gather our words on where/who we thought of as our place of peace. 90% mentioned walking in nature, either alone or with a favorite companion, be it person or dog. That was mine too – walking in nature with one of my family members (but only one at a time) – husband, son, daughter, or dog. This year, I’d like to keep my eyes, ears, and mind open and eager to learn and absorb. I would like to open my curiosity to learn about the birds, the plants, the geology, the skies and stars and history of this beautiful natural world we inhabit.

So there are my new year’s resolutions. And now for the List of Five:


  1. Book I’m reading: Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. Enjoying it more than I thought I would.
  2. Food that’s fermenting in the kitchen: sauerkraut (with caraway seeds). Pickled red onions in the fridge. Now I just need to get me some pastrami from Primal Cuts.
  3. Movie I’m watching: Mrs. Doubtfire. Haven’t seen it since it came out in 1993. This time ’round, the 10 year old is watching with me and hubs, and really digging it.
  4. Series I’m watching: okay, it’s that time of year. Can you tell I’m spending more time in front of a screen than usual? “Sherlock” is so addictive. BBC turns out the best mystery television. So worth my time.
  5. View from my window: Smoke billowing from a skinny little brick chimney across the street, fresh snow outlining bare branches, sun peeking through cedar and pine trees. This is why I love Bend.

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